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{{yearbox| cp=19th century| c=20th century | cf=21st century | yp1=1956 | yp2=1957 | yp3=1958 | year=1959 | ya1=1960 | ya2=1961 | ya3=1962 | dp3=1920s | dp2=1930s | dp1=1940s | d=1950s | dn1=1960s | dn2=1970s | dn3=1980s | }} {{C20YearInTopic}} '''1959''' ('''MCMLIX''') was a Common_year_starting_on_Thursday of the Gregorian_calendar. It is also a song by The_Sisters_of_Mercy on the album Floodland. ==Events== {{Year in other calendars|Japanese=Shōwa 34}} {{Year D}} ===January-February=== * January_1 - Cultivars of Plants named after this date must be named in a modern language, not in Latin. * January_1 - Cuba: Fulgencio_Batista flees Havana when forces of Fidel_Castro advance. * January_2 - CBS Radio cuts four soap operas: ''Backstage_Wife'', ''Our_Gal_Sunday'', ''Road_of_Life'', and ''This_is_Nora_Drake''. * January_2 - Castro's troops approach Havana. * January_3 - Island of Addu in the Maldives declares Independence. * January_3 - Alaska is admitted as the 49th U.S._state. * January_4 - In Cuba rebel troops lead by Che_Guevara and Camilo_Cienfuegos enter Havana. * January_4 - In Léopoldville 42 people are killed during clashes between the police and participants of a meeting of the Abako party. * January_6 - Fidel_Castro arrives in Havana. * January_7 - The United_States recognizes the new Cuban government of Fidel_Castro. * January_8 - Charles De Gaulle inaugurated as the first president of French_Fifth_Republic. * January_13 - Cuban Communists execute 71 supporters of Fulgencio_Batista. * January_22 - Knox_Mine_Disaster - water breaches River_Slope mine in Port_Griffith,_Pennsylvania - 12 miners dead. * February_1 - A Referendum in Switzerland turns down Female_suffrage. * February_3 - The chartered plane transporting musicians Buddy_Holly, Richie_Valens, and the Big_Bopper goes down in an Iowa snowstorm, killing all four occupants on board. The tragedy is later termed "The_Day_the_Music_Died," popularized in Don_McLean's song, "American Pie." * February_6 - At Cape_Canaveral, Florida, the first successful test firing of a Titan_intercontinental_ballistic_missile is accomplished. * February_16 - Fidel_Castro becomes Premier of Cuba. * February_16 - Blizzard causes a massive power outage in Newfoundland. * February_17 - USA launches Vanguard_II Weather_satellite. * February_18 - Jesus_Sosa_Blanco, murderer of 108 people, executed in Cuba. * February_18 - Women in Nepal vote for the first time. * February_19 - The United_Kingdom grants Cyprus its independence. * February_22 - Lee_Petty wins the first Daytona_500. * February_26 - Author Walter_Mene throws acid on Rubens painting in Munich. ===March-April=== * March_1 - USS Tuscaloosa, USS New Orleans, USS Tennessee and USS West Virginia struck from the Naval_Vessel_Register. * March_1 - Archbishop Makarios returns to Cyprus from exile. * March_8 - Last television appearance of The_Marx_Brothers, in The_Incredible_Jewel_Robbery. * March_9 - The Barbie doll debuts. * March_11 - ''Een beetje'' by Teddy Scholten (music by Dick Schallies, text by Willy van Hemert) wins Eurovision_Song_Contest_1959 for Netherlands. * March_12 - Production of the first solid gold "Glaussen Pennies". * March_17 - Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai_Lama, flees Tibet and travels to India. * March_18 - American President Dwight_D._Eisenhower signs bill allowing for Hawaiian statehood. * March_19 - Two other islands join Addu in the United_Suvadive_Republic (abolished September 1963), in the Maldives Islands. * March_31 - Busch_Gardens in Tampa,_Florida is dedicated and opens its gates. * March_31 - Dalai_Lama leaves Tibet. * April_9 - NASA announces its selection of seven military pilots to become the first US astronauts (see Mercury_Seven). * April_9 - Frank_Lloyd_Wright, arguably the most influential American architect of the 20th_century dies from an abdominal obstruction. * April_10 - Japanese prince Akihoto married Shōda Michiko. * April_25 - The St._Lawrence_Seaway linking the North American Great Lakes and the Atlantic_Ocean officially opens to Shipping. ===May-June=== * May - First Ten_Tors event held in Dartmoor. * late May / early June - Import_tariffs lifted in the United_Kingdom. * May_24 - British Empire Day becomes Commonwealth_Day. * June_3 - Singapore becomes a self governing crown colony of Britain with Lee_Kuan_Yew as Prime Minister. * June_5 - A new government of the State of Singapore is sworn in by Sir William Goode. Two former Ministers were re-elected to the Legislative Assembly. * June_8 - The USS ''Barbero'' and United_States_Postal_Service attempt the delivery of mail via Missile_Mail. * June_9 - The USS ''George Washington'' is launched as the first Submarine to carry Ballistic_missiles. * June_14 - A three-front revolutionary invasion by air and sea takes place in the Dominican_Republic consisting of exiles aided by Fidel_Castro whose purpose was to overthrow Dictator Rafael_Leonidas_Trujillo. Within a few days all but four are captured and executed. Trujillo is killed less than two years later by men partly inspired by the deaths of the 1959 martyrs. * June_23 - Sean_Lemass becomes the third Taoiseach of Ireland. * June_23 - Convicted Manhattan_Project spy Klaus_Fuchs is released after only nine years in prison and allowed to emigrate to Dresden, East_Germany (where he resumed a scientific career). * June_26 - Queen Elizabeth II and US Dwight_Eisenhower open Saint_Lawrence_Seaway. ===July-August=== * July - The medical research group studying Minamata_disease comes to the conclusion that mercury is the cause. http://www.unu.edu/unupress/unupbooks/uu35ie/uu35ie0c.htm#chapter%20%20%204%20minamata%20disease * July_2 - Royal wedding in Belgium: Prince Albert marries the Italian princess Paola_Ruffo_di_Calabria. * July_4 - With the admission of Alaska as the 49th U.S._state earlier in the year, the 49-star Flag_of_the_United_States debuts in Philadelphia,_Pennsylvania. * July_7 - 14:28 UT Venus occulted the star Regulus. The rare event which will next occur on October_1, 2044 was used for determining the diameter of Venus and the structure of Venus' atmosphere. * July_8 - Charles_Ovnand and Dale_R._Buis become the first Americans killed in action in Vietnam * July_15 - Steel industry strike in USA. * July_24 - At the opening of the American National Exhibition in Moscow, US vice-president Richard_Nixon and Nikita_Khrushchev have a "kitchen debate." * August_4 - Martial_law declared in Laos. * August_7 - Explorer_program: The United_States launches Explorer_6 from the Atlantic Missile Range in Cape_Canaveral, Florida. * August_8 - Flood in Taiwan leaves 2,000 dead. * August_14 - Explorer_VI sends the first picture of Earth from space. * August_15 - Cyprus gains Independence. * August_21 - Hawaii is admitted as the 50th U.S._state. * August_24 - Cyprus joins United_Nations. ===September-October=== * September_13 - Luna_2 crashes onto the Moon as the first man-made object. * September_25 - Ceylon's prime minister SWRD Bandaranaike assassinated. * October_2 - Rod_Serling's classic anthology series ''The Twilight Zone'' premieres on CBS. * October_7 - Russian probe Luna_3 sends back first photos of the far side of Earth's Moon. * October_12 - At the national congress of APRA in Peru a group of leftist radicals are expelled from the party. They will later form APRA_Rebelde. * October_12 - Large scale diamond robbery in London. * October_13 - USA launches Explorer_VII. * October_21 - Mau_Mau leader Dedan_Kimathi is arrested in Nyeri, Kenya. * October_21 - In New_York_City, the Solomon_R._Guggenheim_Museum opens to the public. It was designed by Frank_Lloyd_Wright. * October_31 - Riots in the Belgian_Congo. * October_31 - Lee_Harvey_Oswald announces in Moscow he won't ever return to U.S. ===November-December=== * November_2 - The first section of the M1_motorway was opened between the present junctions 5 and 18. * November_7 - Leeds City Tramways closes down *November_15 - The Clutter family of Holcomb,_Kansas were brutally murdered. * December_1 - Cold_War: Antarctic_Treaty signed - 12 countries, including the United_States and the Soviet_Union, sign a landmark Treaty, which sets aside Antarctica as a scientific preserve and bans military activity on that Continent (this was the first Arms_control agreement established during the Cold War). * December_2 - Malpasset_dam in southern France collapses and water flows over the town of Frejus - 412 dead. * December_13 - MGM's ''The_Wizard_of_Oz_(1939_film)'' is telecast for only the second time, but it gains an even larger viewing audience than the first telecast, spurring CBS to make it an annual tradition on television. * December_14 - Makarios selected first President_of_Cyprus. ===Unknown date=== *The Neutrino is first experimentally detected, by Cowan and Reines. *TAT-2 cable goes into operation(February 13). *Pantyhose is invented. *Workers_World_Party is founded by Sam_Marcy. *The first skull of Australopithecus is discovered by Louis_Leakey and his wife Mary_Leakey in the Olduvai_Gorge, Tanzania. *Serengeti becomes a nature preserve. *The first known human with HIV dies in Congo. PMID 9468138 *"Raisin_in_the_Sun" by Lorraine_Hansberry opens on Broadway in New_York. *The current (as of 2006) design of the Japanese 10_yen_coin was put into circulation. ==Births== ===Unknown date=== *Willie_Doherty, Irish artist *Howard_Glassman, Canadian radio announcer ===January-February=== *January_1 - Azali_Assoumani, President_of_the_Comoros *January_6 - Kathy_Sledge, American singer *January_9 - Rigoberta_Menchú, Guatemalan writer, recipient of the Nobel_Peace_Prize *January_10 - Simon_Sunatori, Canadian inventor *January_16 - Sade, Nigerian-born singer *January_17 - Susanna_Hoffs, American singer (The_Bangles) *January_24 - Nastassja_Kinski, German actress *January_27 - Keith_Olbermann, American news correspondent and sportscaster *January_28 - Frank_Darabont, American filmmaker *January_31 - Kelly_Moore, American race car driver *February_4 - Lawrence_Taylor, American football player *February_10 - Dennis_Gentry, American football player *February_14 - Renee_Fleming, American soprano *February_16 - John_McEnroe, American tennis player *February_22 - Kyle_MacLachlan, American actor *February_23 - Richard_Dodds, British field hockey player *February_26 - Rolando_Blackman, Panamanian basketball player ===March=== * March_1 - Célia_Takada, Brazilian journalist * March_6 - Tom Arnold, American actor and comedian * March_8 - Aidan_Quinn, American actor * March_9 - Rodney_A._Grant, American actor * March_10 - Mike Wallace, American race car driver * March_15 - Harold_Baines, baseball player * March_16 - Flavor_Flav, American rapper * March_16 - Jens_Stoltenberg, Prime_Minister_of_Norway * March_17 - Danny_Ainge, American basketball player, coach, and baseball player * March_18 - Luc_Besson, French film producer, writer, and director * March_20 - Steve_Borden, American wrestler * March_20 - Steve_McFadden, British actor * March_21 - Nobuo_Uematsu, Japanese composer * March_22 - Matthew_Modine, American actor * March_29 - Barry_Blanchard, Canadian mountaineer * March_29 - Perry_Farrell, American musician ===April=== * April_3 - David_Hyde_Pierce, American actor * April_10 - Brian_Setzer, American guitarist (Stray_Cats) * April_11 - Ana_María_Polo, Cuban-born judge and television personality * April_16 - Alison_Ramsay, Scottish field hockey player * April_21 - Robert Smith, British musician (The_Cure) * April_22 - Catherine_Mary_Stewart, Canadian actress * April_22 - Ryan_Stiles, American actor * April_27 - Sheena_Easton, Scottish singer * April_29 - Louis_Colaianni, American author * April_30 - Stephen_Harper, Canadian politician ===May-June=== *May_3 - Uma_Bharati, Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh *May_3 - Ben_Elton, British comedian and writer *May_5 - Ian_McCulloch, English singer (Echo_&_the_Bunnymen) *May_5 - Steve_Stevens, American guitarist *May_14 - Patrick_Bruel, French singer *May_15 - Andrew_Eldritch, British musician (The_Sisters_of_Mercy) *May_20 - Israel_Kamakawiwo'ole, American singer (d. 1997) *May_20 - Bronson_Pinchot, American actor *May_22 - Steven_Morrissey, British singer *May_24 - Pelle_Lindbergh, Swedish-born hockey player (d. 1985) *May_29 - Adrian_Paul, British actor *June_11- Hugh_Laurie, British actor and comedian *June_12 - John_Linnell, American musician (They_Might_Be_Giants) *June_22 - Wayne_Federman, American comedian, actor, and author *June_26 - Mark_McKinney, Canadian actor and comedian *June_27 - Clint_Boon, British musician (Inspiral_Carpets) *June_30 - Vincent_D'Onofrio, American actor ===July=== * July_3 - Julie_Burchill, British journalist * July_6 - Richard_Dacoury, French basketball player * July_7 - Ben_Linder, American engineer (d. 1987) * July_9 - Kevin_Nash, American professional wrestler * July_10 - Janet_Julian, American actress * July_11 - Richie_Sambora, American musician * July_11 - Suzanne_Vega, American singer * July_13 - Richard_Leman, British field hockey player * July_16 - Gary_Anderson, American football player * July_26 - Rick_Bragg, American writer * July_26 - Kevin_Spacey, American actor * July_27 - Hugh_Green, American football player * July_29 - Sanjay_Dutt, Indian actor * July_29 - Ruud_Janssen, Dutch artist ===August=== * August_1 - Joe_Elliott, British singer (Def_Leppard) * August_2 - Apollonia_Kotero, American actress and singer * August_3 - Koichi_Tanaka, Japanese scientist, recipient of the Nobel_Prize_in_Chemistry * August_10 - Rosanna_Arquette, American actress * August_14 - Magic_Johnson, American basketball player * August_17 - Jonathan_Franzen, American author * August_21 - Jim_McMahon, American football player * August_27 - Juan_Fernando_Cobo, Colombian artist * August_29 - Rebecca_De_Mornay, American actress * August_29 - Stephen_Wolfram, British scientist * August_30 - Mark_'Jacko'_Jackson, Australian footballer and actor ===September-October=== * September_4 - Kevin_Harrington, Australian actor * September_8 - Daler_Nazarov, Tajik composer, singer, and actor * September_14 - Morten_Harket, Norwegian singer (A-ha) * September_17 - Charles_Lawson, Irish actor * September_18 - Ian_Arkwright, English footballer * September_21 - Dave_Coulier, American actor * September_29 - Benjamin_Sehene, Rwandan writer * October_3 - Fred_Couples, American golfer * October_3 - Greg_Proops, American comedian * October_3 - Jack Wagner, American actor * October_7 - Lourdes_Flores, Peruvian politician * October_7 - Simon_Cowell, English music producer and television talent show judge * October_9 - Michael_Pare, American actor * October_10 - Kirsty_MacColl, British singer and songwriter (d.2000) * October_15 - Sarah_Ferguson, Duchess of York * October_15 - Emeril_Lagasse, American chef and restaurant owner * October_17 - Ron_Drummond, American writer, editor, and music historian * October_21 - Ken_Watanabe, Japanese actor * October_23 - "Weird_Al"_Yankovic, American singer and parodist * October_25 - Nancy_Cartwright, American voice actress * October_26 - Evo_Morales, President_of_Bolivia * October_26 - Brian_Bovell, British actor * October_27 - Rick_Carlisle, American basketball coach * October_31 - Neal_Stephenson, American writer ===November-December=== * November_10 - Linda_Cohn, American sports reporter * November_14 - Paul_McGann, British actor * November_18 - Jimmy Quinn, Irish footballer and football manager * November_23 - Dominique_Dunne, American actress (d. 1982) * November_25 - Charles_Kennedy, British politician * November_28 - Judd_Nelson, American actor * November_30 - Lorraine_Kelly, British presenter and journalist * December_13 - Nadia_Russ, Ukrainian-born artist * December_14 - Dana_Childs, American radio personality and basketball coach * December_20 - Sandra_Cisneros, Mexican-born author * December_21 - Florence_Griffith_Joyner, American athelete (d. 1998) * December_27 - Gerina_Dunwich, American author * December_31 - Val_Kilmer, American actor ==Deaths== ===January-April=== * January_21 - Cecil_B._DeMille, American film director (b. 1881) * January_22 - Mike_Hawthorn, English race car driver (b. 1929) * February_3 - Killed in a private plane crash: **The_Big_Bopper, American singer (b. 1930) **Buddy_Holly, American singer (b. 1936) **Richie_Valens, American singer (b. 1941) * February_3 - Vincent_Astor, American philanthropist (b. 1891) * February_4 - Una_O'Connor, Irish actress (b. 1880) * February_11 - Marshall_Teague, American race car driver (b. 1922) * February_14 - Baby_Dodds, American jazz musician (b. 1898) * February_15 - Owen_Willans_Richardson, British physicist, Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1879) * February_28 - Maxwell_Anderson, American screenwriter (b. 1888) * March_3 - Lou_Costello, American actor and comedian (b. 1906) * March_4 - Maxey_Long, American athlete (b. 1878) * March_26 - Raymond_Chandler, American-born novelist (b. 1888) * March_29 - Barthélemy_Boganda, first President_of_the_Central_African_Republic (b. 1910) * April_9 - Frank_Lloyd_Wright, American architect (b. 1867) ===May-October=== *May_5 - Carlos_Saavedra_Lamas, Argentine politician, recipient of the Nobel_Peace_Prize (b. 1878) *May_14 - Sidney_Bechet, American musician (b. 1897) *May_16 - Elisha_Scott, Irish footballer (b. 1894) *May_24 - John_Foster_Dulles, United_States_Secretary_of_State (b. 1888) *June_9 - Adolf_Otto_Reinhold_Windaus, German chemist, Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1876) *June_16 - George_Reeves, American actor (b. 1914) *June_23 - Boris_Vian, French writer, poet, singer, and musician (b. 1920) *July_11 - Charlie Parker, English cricketer (b. 1882) *July_15 - Ernest_Bloch, Swiss composer (b. 1880) *July_17 - Billie_Holiday, American singer (b. 1915) *August_5 - Edgar_Guest, English poet (b. 1881) *August_6 - Preston_Sturges, American film director and writer (b. 1898) *August_15 - Blind_Willie_McTell, American singer (b. 1901) *August_16 - Wanda_Landowska, Polish harpsichordist (b. 1879) *August_19 - Jacob_Epstein, American-born sculptor (b. 1880) *August_28 - Bohuslav_Martinů, Czech composer (b. 1890) *October_6 - Bernard_Berenson, American art historian (b. 1865) *October_7 - Mario_Lanza, American tenor (b. 1921) *October_14 - Errol_Flynn, Australian actor (b. 1909) *October_16 - George_C._Marshall, United_States_Secretary_of_State, recipient of the Nobel_Peace_Prize (b. 1880) *October_18 - Boughera_El_Ouafi, Algerian athlete (b. 1898) *October_22 - Joseph_Cahill, Australian politician (b. 1891) ===November-December=== *November_15 - Charles_Thomson_Rees_Wilson, Scottish physicist, Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1869) *November_17 - Heitor_Villa-Lobos, Brazilian composer (b. 1887) *November_21 - Max_Baer, American boxer and actor (b. 1909) *December_22 - Gilda_Gray, Polish-born dancer and actress (b. 1901) ==Nobel prizes== * Physics - Emilio Gino Segrè, Owen_Chamberlain * Chemistry - Jaroslav_Heyrovský * Physiology or Medicine - Severo_Ochoa, Arthur_Kornberg * Literature - Salvatore_Quasimodo * Peace - Philip John Noel-Baker ==External links== {{commonscat}} *1959 Coin Pictures * Af:1959 Ar:1959 An:1959 Frp:1959 Ast:1959 Av:1959 Az:1959 Be:1959 Bs:1959 Bg:1959 Ca:1959 Cv:1959 Cs:1959 Co:1959 Cy:1959 Da:1959 De:1959 Et:1959 El:1959 Es:1959 Eo:1959 Eu:1959 Fo:1959 Fr:1959 Fy:1959 Ga:1959 Gd:1959 Gl:1959 Ko:1959년 Hy:1959 Hr:1959 Io:1959 Id:1959 Ia:1959 Ie:1959 Os:1959 Is:1959 It:1959 He:1959 Ka:1959 Csb:1959 Kw:1959 Sw:1959 Ku:1959 La:1959 Lb:1959 Lt:1959 Lmo:1959 Hu:1959 Mk:1959 Ms:1959 Nl:1959 Ja:1959年 Nap:1959 No:1959 Nn:1959 Nrm:1959 Oc:1959 Pl:1959 Pt:1959 Ksh:Joohr_1959 Ro:1959 Ru:1959_год Se:1959 Sq:1959 Ru-sib:1959 Scn:1959 Simple:1959 Sk:1959 Sl:1959 Sr:1959 Fi:1959 Sv:1959 Tl:1959 Tt:1959 Te:1959 Th:พ.ศ._2502 Tr:1959 Udm:1959 Uk:1959 Uz:1959 Vec:1959 Wa:1959 Zh:1959年