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{{otheruses}} {{yearbox| cp=19th century| c=20th century | cf=21st century | yp1=1960 | yp2=1961 | yp3=1962 | year=1963 | ya1=1964 | ya2=1965 | ya3=1966 | dp3=1930s | dp2=1940s | dp1=1950s | d=1960s | dn1=1970s | dn2=1980s | dn3=1990s | }} {{C20YearInTopic}} {{Year in other calendars|japanese=Shōwa 38}} '''1963''' ('''MCMLXIII''') was a Common_year_starting_on_Tuesday (the link is to a full 1963 calendar). ==Events== ===January=== * January_1 - CSIRO scientist Dr. Gilbert Bogle and Mrs. Margaret Chandler are found dead, believed to have been poisoned, in bushland near the Lane_Cove_River, Sydney. Known as the Bogle-Chandler_case. * January_11 - The Whisky_a_Go_Go night club in Los Angeles, the first Disco in the USA, is opened. * January_14 - George_Wallace becomes governor of Alabama. During his inaugural speech, he defiantly proclaims "segregation now, segregation tomorrow, and segregation forever."The American Experience: George Wallace: Settin' the Woods on Fire: Timeline (1952 - 1972), ''Public_Broadcasting_Service'', 2000Michael J. Klarman. "''Brown v. Board'': 50 Years Later", ''Humanities: The Magazine of the National_Endowment_for_the_Humanities'', March/April 2004 * January_22 - The Elysée_Treaty is signed between France and Germany. * January_28 - Black student Harvey_Gantt enters Clemson College in South_Carolina, the last U.S. state to hold out against racial integration. * January_29 - French President Charles De Gaulle vetoes the United_Kingdom's entry into the EEC. ===February=== * February_8 - Travel, financial and commercial transactions by United_States citizens to Cuba are made illegal by the John_F._Kennedy Administration. * February_11 - The CIA's Domestic Operations Division is created. * February_21 - An Earthquake in Libya destroys the village of Barce - 500 are killed. * February_27 - Juan_Bosch takes office as the 41st president of the Dominican_Republic. * February_27 - Female_suffrage is enacted in Iran. * February_28 - large cloud resembling the face of Jesus seen on sunset mountain, arizona ===March=== Image:Alcatraz_Island.jpg]] * March_1 - Yoko_Ono's marriage to American Christian_fundamentalist filmmaker Anthony_Cox is annulled. * March_4 - In Paris, 6 people are sentenced to death for conspiring to assassinate President Charles_de_Gaulle. * March_16 - Mount_Agung erupts on Bali, killing 11,000. * March_18 - The U.S._Supreme_Court, in the case of ''Gideon_v._Wainwright'', rules that the poor must have lawyers. * March_21 - Alcatraz, a federal Penitentiary on an island in San_Francisco_Bay, closes; the last 27 prisoners are transferred elsewhere at the order of Attorney_General Robert_F_Kennedy. *March_22 - The_Beatles release the album ''Please_Please_Me''. *March_23 - ''Dansevise'' by Grethe & Jørgen Ingmann (music by Otto Francker, text by Sejr Volmer-Sørensen) wins Eurovision_Song_Contest_1963 for Denmark. *March_27 - In Britain, Dr. Beeching issues a report calling for huge cuts to the UK's rail network. ===April=== * April_3 - SCLC volunteers kick off Birmingham_campaign against Segregation with a Sit-in. * April_7 - Yugoslavia is proclaimed to be a Socialist_republic, and Josip_Broz_Tito is named President_for_Life. * April_10 - The US nuclear submarine ''Thresher'' sinks 220 miles east of Cape_Cod with all hands - 129 dead. * April_12 - Martin_Luther_King,_Jr., Ralph_Abernathy, Fred_Shuttlesworth and others are arrested in a Birmingham protest for "parading without a permit". * April_15 - 70,000 marchers arrive in London from Aldermarston, to demonstrate against Nuclear_weapons. * April_16 - Martin Luther King, Jr. composes his "Letter_from_Birmingham_Jail". *April_20 – In Quebec, Canada, members of the Quebec terrorist group, the Front_de_libération_du_Québec, bomb the Canadian_Armed_Forces recruitment center, killing night watchman Wilfred V. O'Neill. * April_21 - April_23 - First election of the Supreme Institution of the Bahá'í_Faith, known as the Universal_House_of_Justice whose Seat is at the Bahá'í_World_Centre on Mount_Carmel in Haifa, Israel. * April_22 - Lester B. Pearson becomes Canada's 14th prime minister. *April_28 - A general election is held in Italy. ===May=== * May_1 - The_Coca-Cola_Company debuts its first diet drink, TaB cola. * May_2 - Berthold_Seliger launches near Cuxhaven a rocket with three stages with a maximum flight altitude of more than 62 miles. It is the only sounding rocket developed in Germany. * May_2 - Thousands of African_Americans, many of them children, are arrested while protesting segregation in Birmingham,_Alabama. Sheriff Eugene_"Bull"_Connor later orders fire hoses and police dogs to be unleashed on the demonstrators. * May_15 - Mercury_program: NASA launches the last mission of the program, Mercury_9 (on June_12 NASA Administrator James_E._Webb tells Congress the program is complete). * May_23 - Fidel_Castro visits the Soviet_Union. * May_25 - The Organisation_of_African_Unity is established in Addis_Ababa, Ethiopia. ===June=== * June_3 - Pope_John_XXIII dies. * June_11 - In Saigon, Buddhist Monk Thích_Quảng_Ðức commits Self-immolation to protest the oppression of Buddhists by the Ngo_Dinh_Diem administration. * June_11 - Alabama Governor George_C._Wallace stands in the door of the University of Alabama to protest integration, before stepping aside and allowing African_Americans James_Woods and Vivian_Malone to enroll. * June_11 - President John_F._Kennedy (JFK) makes an historic civil rights speech, promising a Civil Rights Bill. In his speech he asks for "the kind of equality of treatment which we would want for ourselves." * June_12 - Medgar_Evers is murdered in Jackson,_Mississippi (his killer is convicted in 1994). * June_16 - ''Vostok_6'' carries Soviet cosmonaut Valentina_Tereshkova, the first woman, into space. * June_17 - The U.S._Supreme_Court, in the case of ''Abington_School_District_v._Schempp'', declares that state-mandated Bible reading in public schools is unconstitutional. * June_21 - Pope_Paul_VI (Giovanni Battista Montini) succeeds Pope_John_XXIII as thhe 260th Pope. ===July=== * July_1 - ZIP_Codes are introduced in the USA. * July_5 - Diplomatic relations between the Israeli and the Japanese governments are raised to embassy level. * July_5 - The Roman_Catholic_Church accepts Cremation as a Funeral practice. * July_26 - An Earthquake in Skopje, Yugoslavia leaves 1,800 dead. * July_26 - Syncom, the world's first geostationary (synchronous) Satellite, is orbited by NASA. * July_27Indonesian_Confrontation: Indonesian president-for-life Sukarno declares that he will crush Malaysia. * July_30 - Soviet newspaper ''Izvestia'' reports that Kim_Philby has been given asylum in Moscow. ===August=== * August_5 - The United_States, United_Kingdom, and Soviet_Union sign a nuclear test ban treaty. * August_8 - The Great Train Robbery takes place in Buckinghamshire, England. * August_18 - American_civil_rights_movement: James_Meredith becomes the first black person to graduate from the University_of_Mississippi. * August_28 - Martin_Luther_King,_Jr. delivers his "I_Have_A_Dream" speech on the steps of the Lincoln_Memorial to an audience of at least 250,000 during the March_on_Washington_for_Jobs_and_Freedom. ===September=== * September_5 - Christine_Keeler is arrested for Perjury. On December_6 she is sentenced to 9 months in prison. * September_6 - The Centre_for_International_Industrial_Property_Studies (CEIPI) is founded. * September_7 - The Pro_Football_Hall_of_Fame opens in Canton, Ohio with 17 charter members. * September_10 - Mafia boss Bernardo_Provenzano is indicted for murder (he is captured 43 years later, on April_11, 2006). * September_15 - American_civil_rights_movement: The 16th_Street_Baptist_Church_bombing, in Birmingham,_Alabama, kills 4 and injures 22. * September_16 - Malaysia is formed through the merging of the Federation_of_Malaya and the British Crown_colony of Singapore, North_Borneo (renamed Sabah) and Sarawak. * September_16 - In Fort-Lamy, the capital of Chad, demonstrations are quelled with 300 dead. * September_18 - Rioters burn down the British Embassy in Jakarta, to protest the formation of Malaysia. * September_23 - King_Fahd_University_for_Petroleum_and_Minerals is established by a Saudi Royal Decree as the College of Petroleum and Minerals. * September_24 - The U.S. Senate ratifies the nuclear test ban treaty. * September_25 - The Denning Report on the Profumo_affair is published in Great_Britain. * September_29 - The second period of Second_Vatican_Council in Rome opens. ===October=== * October_9 - In northeast Italy, over 2,000 people are killed when a large landslide behind the Vajont_Dam causes a giant wave of water to overtop it. * October_10 - The nuclear test ban treaty, signed on August_5, takes effect. * October_24 -Cuban contemporary artist Josignacio is born. ===November=== Image:JFKmotorcade.jpg 1963]] * November_2 - South_Vietnamese President Ngo_Dinh_Diem is assassinated following a military Coup. * November_6 - Vietnam_War: Coup leader General Duong_Van_Minh takes over as leader of South_Vietnam. * November_7 - Wunder_von_Lengede: In Germany, 11 miners are rescued from a collapsed mine after 14 days. * November_9 - Miike coal-mine explosion: In Japan, a Coal_mine explosion kills 458 and sends 839 Carbon_monoxide_poisoning victims to the hospital. * November_14 - A volcanic eruption under the sea near Iceland creates a new island, Surtsey. * November_16 - A newspaper strike begins in Toledo,_Ohio. * November_18 - The Dartford_Tunnel opens in the U.K. * November_22 - John_F._Kennedy_assassination: In Dallas,_Texas, U.S. President John_F._Kennedy is assassinated, Texas Governor John_B._Connally is seriously wounded, and Vice President Lyndon_B._Johnson is sworn in as the 36th President_of_the_United_States. * November_22 - C.S._Lewis: Author and Christian apologetic C.S._Lewis dies. * November_22 - Aldous_Huxley: Author and mystic Aldous_Huxley dies. * November_23 - The first episode of the BBC television series ''Doctor_Who'' is broadcast in the United_Kingdom. * November_23 - Golden_Age_Nursing_Home_Fire kills 63 elderly people. * November_24 - John F. Kennedy assassination: Alleged assassin Lee_Harvey_Oswald is mortally shot by Jack_Ruby in Dallas,_Texas on live national Television. * November_24 - Vietnam_War: New U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson confirms that the United_States intends to continue supporting South_Vietnam militarily and economically. * November_25 - John_F._Kennedy_assassination: The late U.S. President Kennedy is buried at Arlington_National_Cemetery. * November_29 - John_F._Kennedy_assassination: U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson establishes the Warren_Commission to investigate the Assassination of President Kennedy. * November_29 - Trans-Canada_Airlines Flight 831, a Douglas_DC-8 carrying 118, crashes into a wooded hillside after taking-off from Dorval International Airport near Montreal, killing all 118 on board (for many years this was the worst Air_disaster in Canada's history). ===December=== * December_3 - The Warren_Commission begins its investigation. * December_4 - The second period of Second_Vatican_Council closes. * December_5 - The Seliger Forschungs-und-Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH demonstrates rockets for military use to military representatives of non-NATO-countries near Cuxhaven. Although these rockets land via parachute at the end of their flight and no allied laws are violated, this action leads to protests by the Soviet Union. * December_10 - In the United States, the X-20_Dyna-Soar Spaceplane program is cancelled. * December_12 - Kenya becomes independent, with Jomo_Kenyatta as prime minister. * December_19 - Zanzibar gains independence from Great_Britain as a constitutional monarchy, under Sultan Jamshid_bin_Abdullah. * December_21 - Cyprus Emergency: inter-communal fighting erupts between Greek_Cypriots and Turkish_Cypriots. *December_22 - The cruise ship ''Lakonia'' burns 180 miles north of Madeira, with the loss of 128 lives. * December_26 - ''I_Want_To_Hold_Your_Hand'', ''I_Saw_Her_Standing_There'' and ''Meet_the_Beatles'' are released in the U.S., which is the beginning of Beatlemania. * December_31 - The Federation_of_Rhodesia_and_Nyasaland is formally dissolved. ===Unknown date=== * End of the Mercury_program of United_States manned Spaceflight. * David._H._Frisch and J._H._Smith prove Radioactive_decay of Mesons is slowed by their motion. (See Einstein's Special_relativity and General_relativity). *Full deployment of SAGE, the semi-automated ground environment. * TAT-3 cable goes into operation. * Arecibo_Observatory officially begins operation. * Ostankino_Tower in Moscow begins construction. * The divorce case of the Duke and Duchess of Argyll causes scandal in the United_Kingdom *Harvey_Ball invents the ubiquitous Smiley * One of the most spectacular years for vintage Port in the 20th Century. * The Reformed_Druids_of_North_America (RDNA) is founded. * The IEEE_Computer_Society is founded. * SK_Brann won the Norwegian Soccer League, and this was the last time they did. ==Births== ===January=== * January_2 - David_Cone, baseball player * January_2 - Edgar_Martinez, baseball player * January_4 - Till_Lindemann, German musician (Rammstein) * January_14 - Steven_Soderbergh, American film director * January_16 - James_May, English motoring journalist and television show host *January_18 - Ian_Crook, English footballer * January_21 - Hakeem_Olajuwon, Nigerian basketball player * January_21 - Detlef_Schrempf, German basketball player * January_23 - Gail_O'Grady, American actress * January_24 - Arnold_Vanderlyde, Dutch boxer * January_26 - José_Mourinho, Portuguese football manager * January_26 - Andrew_Ridgely, English musician * January_30 - Thomas_Brezina Austrian author ===February=== * February_8 - Vince_Neil, American musician, Mötley_Crüe * February_9 - Travis_Tritt, American singer * February_11 - Diane_Franklin, American actress * February_11 - Todd_Benzinger, baseball player * February_17 - Michael_Jordan, American basketball player * February_17 - Larry_the_Cable_Guy, American comedian * February_19 - Seal, English singer * February_20 - Charles_Barkley, American basketball player * February_21 - William_Baldwin, American actor * February_22 - Vijay_Singh, Fiji golfer ===March=== * March_1 - Dan_Michaels, American record producer and saxophonist (The_Choir and The_Swirling_Eddies). * March_2 - Tuff_Hedeman, 4-Time PRCA World Champion Bull Rider * March_4 - Jason_Newsted, American bassist (Metallica). * March_6 - D.L._Hughley, American actor and comedian. * March 6 - Gary Stevens, American jockey * March_10 - Neneh_Cherry, Swedish musician. * March_12 - Joaquim_Cruz, Brazilian runner. * March_13 - Fito_Páez, Argentine musician. * March_14 - Bruce_Reid, Australian cricketer. * March_15 - Bret_Michaels, American singer. (Poison) * March_17 - Nick_Peros, Canadian composer. * March_17 - Michael_Ivins, American bassist (The_Flaming_Lips). * March_18 - Vanessa_L._Williams, American beauty queen, actress, and singer. * March_20 - Paul_Annacone, American tennis player and coach. * March_20 - Kathy_Ireland, American model and actress. * March_21 - Ronald_Koeman, Dutch football player and manager. * March_21 - Shawn_Lane, American guitar virtuoso. * March_23 - Kyogoku_Natsuhiko, Japanese writer. * March_27 - Quentin_Tarantino, American actor, director, writer, and producer. * March_27 - Xuxa, Brazilian television personality. * March_29 - Elle_Macpherson, Australian supermodel. * March_30 - Eli-Eri_Moura, Brazilian composer, conductor and music theorist. ===April=== * April_4 - Jack_Del_Rio, American football player and coach * April_4 - Graham_Norton, Irish talk show host * April_6 - Andrew_Weatherall, English disc jockey * April_8 - Julian_Lennon, musician son of John_Lennon * April_9 - Joe_Scarborough, American newscaster * April_10 - Doris_Leuthard, member of the Swiss Federal Council * April_10 - Warren_DeMartini, American guitarist (Ratt) * April_11 - Chris_Ferguson, American poker player * April_13 - Garry_Kasparov, Russian chess player * April_14 - Frank_Yallop, Canadian footballer * April_17 - Joel_Murray, American actor * April_18 - Eric_McCormack, Canadian actor * April_18 - Conan_O'Brien, American television entertainer * April_21 - Ken_Caminiti, American baseball player (d. 2004) * April_21 - Roy_Dupuis, Canadian actor * April_24 - Tõnu_Trubetsky, Estonian musician (Vennaskond), anarchist * April_26 - Jet_Li, Chinese martial artist and actor * April_26 - Colin_Scotts, Australian-born NFL football player * April_27 - Cali_Timmins, Canadian actress * April_30 - Michael_Waltrip, American race car driver ===May=== *May_1 - David_Zimmerman, American anthropologist, and ceramic artist *May_9 - Barry_Douglas_Lamb, English musician, author, and preacher *May_11 - Natasha_Richardson, English-born actress *May_16 - Mercedes_Echerer, Austrian actress and politician *May_23 - Wally_Dallenbach_Jr., American race car driver and announcer *May_24 - Joe_Dumars, American basketball player *May_25 - Mike Myers, Canadian actor and comedian ===June=== *June_6 - Jason_Isaacs, English actor *June_9 - Renee_Ankersmit First dutch guy to fly a balloon over the iron curtain during the cold war in a childrens balloon contest *June_9 - Johnny_Depp, American actor *June_13 - Bettina_Bunge, German tennis player *June_17 - Greg_Kinnear, American actor *June_18 - Bruce_Smith, American football player *June_23 - Colin_Montgomerie, Scottish golfer *June_25 - Doug_Gilmour, Canadian Hockey Player *June_25 - George_Michael, English singer *June_27 - Meera_Syal, English comedian, writer, singer, and actress ===July=== *July_4 - Christopher_George_Kennedy, son of Robert_F_Kennedy *July_6 - Stuart_Garrard, English guitarist *July_16 - Phoebe_Cates, American actress *July_17 - Letsie_III, King_of_Lesotho *July_24 - Julie_Krone, American jockey *July 24 - Karl_Malone, American basketball player *July_30 - Lisa_Kudrow, American actress ===August=== *August_1 - Coolio, American rapper *August_3 - Tasmin_Archer, English singer *August_3 - James_Hetfield, American singer (Metallica) *August_4 - Gary_King, British DJ *August_6 - Kevin_Mitnick, American computer hacker *August_9 - Whitney_Houston, American singer *August_13 - John_Slattery, American actor *August_16 - Steve_Carrell, American Comedian (The_Office) *August_19 - Joey_Tempest, Swedish singer (Europe) *August_19 - John_Stamos, American actor *August_22 - Tori_Amos, American singer *August_23 - Hans-Henning_Fastrich, German field hockey player *August_23 - Kenny_Wallace, American race car driver *August_24 - Hideo_Kojima, Japanese video game director *August_30 - Paul_Oakenfold, British disc jockey *August_30 - Michael_Chiklis, American actor *August_30 - Phil_Mills, British race car driver *August_31 - Reb_Beach, American guitarist (Winger, Whitesnake) ===September=== *September_6 - Geert_Wilders, Dutch politician *September_10 - Randy_Johnson, baseball player *September_11 - Dr Patrick McWilliams, Irish author *September_18 - Rob_Brettle, British historian *September_19 - Jarvis_Cocker, English musician (Pulp) *September_21 - Cecil_Fielder, baseball player *September_23 - Jackie_Pearcey, English politician *September_29 - Dave_Andreychuk, Canadian hockey player *September_29 - Les_Claypool, American bassist and singer (Primus) ===October=== *October_1 - Mark_McGwire, baseball player *October_3 - Tommy_Lee, American musician (Mötley_Crüe) *October_6 - Chip_Foose, Automobile Customizer (Overhaulin') *October_6 - Elisabeth_Shue, American actress *October_7 - Ronni_Le_Tekro, Norwegian Virtuoso guitarist. *October_10 - Anita_Mui, Hong Kong singer (d. 2003) *October_10 - Daniel_Pearl, American journalist (d. 2002) *October_10 - Jolanda_de_Rover, Dutch swimmer *October_12 - Satoshi_Kon, Japanese anime director *October_12 - Alan McDonald, Northern Irish footballer *October_17 - Norm MacDonald, Canadian comedian *October_22 - Brian_Boitano, American figure skater *October_26 - Natalie_Merchant, American singer, songwriter, and musician *October_28 - Lauren_Holly, American actress *October_30 - Kristina_Wagner, American actress *October_31 - Fred_McGriff, baseball player ===November=== *November_1 - Anthony_Kiedis (singer) Red_Hot_Chili_Peppers *November_1 - Rick Allen, British musician (Def_Leppard) *November_2 - Craig_Saavedra, American filmmaker *November_4 - Lena_Zavaroni, Scottish entertainer (d. 1999) *November_13 - Vinny_Testaverde, American football player *November_15 - Benny_Elias, Australian rugby player *November_18 - Dante_Bichette, baseball player *November_19 - Terry Farrell, American actress *November_19 - Jon_Potter, British field hockey player *November_21 - Nicolette_Sheridan, English actress *November_22 - Winsor_Harmon, actor *November_23 - Troy_Hurtubise, Canadian inventor ===December=== *December_3 - Terri_Schiavo, American right-to-die cause célèbre (d. 2005) *December_7 - Eazy-E, American rapper (d. 1995) *December_7 - Mark_Bowen, Welsh footballer *December_13 - Jake_White, South African rugby union coach *December_14 - Victoria_Taranova, International opera singer *December_14 - Cynthia_Gibb, American actress *December_16 - Benjamin_Bratt, American actor *December_18 - Brad_Pitt, American actor *December_22 - Bryan_Gunn, Scottish footballer *December_23 - Jim_Harbaugh, American football player *December_26 - Lars_Ulrich, Metallica's drummer/founder *December_29 - Francisco_Bustamante, Filipino billiard player *December_29 - Dave_McKean, English artist and filmmaker ==Deaths== *January_2 - Dick_Powell, American actor (b. 1904) *January_3 - Jack_Carson, Canadian actor (b. 1910) *January_5 - Rogers_Hornsby, baseball player (b. 1896) *January_18 - Edward_Charles_Titchmarsh, British mathematician (b. 1899) *January_29 - Robert_Frost, American poet (b. 1874) *January_30 - Francis_Poulenc, French composer (b. 1899) *February_11 - Sylvia_Plath, American poet and novelist (suicide) (b. 1932) *February_20 - Ferenc_Fricsay, Hungarian conductor (b. 1914) *February_28 - Eppa_Rixey, baseball player (b. 1891) *March_4 - William_Carlos_Williams, American writer (b. 1883) *March_5 - Patsy_Cline, American singer (b. 1932) *April_6 - Otto_Struve, Russian-born astronomer (b. 1897) *April_9 - Eddie_Edwards, American jazz trombonist (b. 1891) *May_11 - Herbert_Spencer_Gasser, American physiologist, Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1888) *May_12 - Bobby_Kerr, Canadian runner (b. 1882) *May_31 - Edith_Hamilton, German-born author (b. 1867) *June_3 - Pope_John_XXIII (b. 1881) *June_3 - Nazim_Hikmet, Turkish poet *June_11 - Thich_Quang_Duc, Vietnamese Buddhist monk (suicide) (b. 1897) *June_12 - Medgar_Evers, civil rights activist (b. 1941) *June_18 - Pedro_Armendariz, Mexican actor (suicide) (b. 1912) *July_18 - Jack_Solomon, American restaurateur (b.1896) *August_5 - Theodore_Roethke, American poet (b. 1908) *August_10 - Ernst_Wetter, member of the Swiss Federal Council (b. 1877) *August_23 - Glen_Gray, American saxophonist and conductor (b. 1906) *August_27 - Allama Inayatullah Khan Mashriqi, founder of Khaksar Movement (b. 1888) *August_31 - Georges_Braque, French painter (b. 1882) *September_3 - Louis_MacNeice, Irish poet (b. 1907) *September_11 - Suzanne_Duchamp, French painter (b. 1889) *September_25 - Alexander_Sakharoff, Russian dancer and choreographer (b. 1886) *October_11 - Édith_Piaf, French singer (b. 1915) *October_11 - Jean_Cocteau, French writer (b. 1889) *November_2 - Ngo_Dinh_Diem, President of South Vietnam (b. 1901) *November_5 - Luis_Cernuda, Spanish writer (b. 1902) *November_15 - Fritz_Reiner, Hungarian conductor (b. 1888) *November_22 - Aldous_Huxley, English novelist (b. 1894) *November_22 - John_F._Kennedy, 35th President_of_the_United_States (b. 1917) *November_22 - C.S._Lewis, Irish-born British writer (b. 1898) *November_24 - Lee_Harvey_Oswald, alleged assassin of President John_F._Kennedy (b. 1939) *December_2 - Thomas_Hicks, American marathon runner (b. 1875) *December_5 - Karl_Amadeus_Hartmann, German composer (b. 1905) *December_5 - Sri_Deep_Narayan_Mahaprabhuji, Hindu saint (b. 1828) *December_28 - A._J._Liebling, American journalist (b. 1904) *December - Andy_Kennedy, Northern Irish footballer (b. 1897) ==Nobel prizes== *Physics - Eugene_Paul_Wigner, Maria_Goeppert-Mayer, J._Hans_D._Jensen * Chemistry - Karl_Ziegler, Giulio_Natta * Physiology or Medicine - Sir_John_Carew_Eccles, Alan_Lloyd_Hodgkin, Andrew_Fielding_Huxley * Literature - Giorgos_Seferis * Peace - International Committee of the Red_Cross, League of Red Cross Societies ==References==
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