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:''This article is about the Roman Catholic religious communities of this name. For the Anglican religious order of this name, see Sisters_of_Charity_(Anglican)'' Many religious communities, have the term '''Sisters of Charity''' as part of their name. Most derive ultimately from the Congregation_of_the_Daughters_of_Charity, founded on November_29, 1633 by Saint Vincent_de_Paul. The rule of Saint Vincent for the Daughters of Charity has been adopted and adapted by at least sixty founders of religious orders around the world in the subsequent centuries. While most ''Sisters of Charity'' communities refer to the Vincentian tradition, and in America to the tradition of Saint Elizabeth_Ann_Seton those links are by no means universal. It is important to recognize that there may be no "family" or historical relationship between groups having the phrase ''Sisters of Charity'' as part of their name. Many groups calling themselves ''Sisters of Charity'' have founded and operate educational institutions, hospitals and orphanages: *Sisters_of_Charity_of_New_York *Sisters_of_Charity_of_the_Blessed_Virgin_Mary *Sisters_of_Charity_of_Leavenworth *Sisters_of_Charity_of_Saint_Elizabeth, Convent Station, New_Jersey *Grey_Nuns, The Order of Sisters of Charity of the Hôpital Général, of Montreal See also: Sisters_of_Charity_Federation_in_the_Vincentian-Setonian_Tradition ==External link== *Sisters of Charity Federation in the Vincentian-Setonian Tradition an association of 13 Sisters of Charity communities. Category:Roman_Catholic_teaching_orders Category:Sisters_of_Charity_Federation