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{{Infobox School2 | name = Greensburg Central Catholic | established = 1959 | type = Private | grades = 9-12 | head_name = President | head = Fr. Dan Blout | city = Greensburg | state = Pennsylvania | country = United States | students = 555 | school_colors = Maroon and Silver | mascot = Centurion }} '''Greensburg Central Catholic High School''' is a Roman_Catholic High_school located in Greensburg,_Pennsylvania and the Roman_Catholic_Diocese_of_Greensburg. == History == Construction of Greensburg Central Catholic High School began in the summer of 1958, only seven years after the founding of the Diocese of Greensburg. The first class of freshmen entered in September of 1959, including students from as far east as Ligonier and as far west as Trafford. Bishop Lamb dedicated the building November_29, 1959, before an audience of 2,000 which included Governor David_L._Lawrence as the featured speaker. This large audience was somewhat surprising given the extremely cold and snowy weather on the day of the dedication. In fact, according to the ''Greensburg Tribune-Review'': :The former Pittsburgh mayor (Governor Lawrence) not only had to abandon his automobile on a steep grade near the school but was forced to give his address in near darkness and without the use of a public address system. The latter inconveniences came about when an automobile went out of control, struck a utility pole... and wrecked the power system. At the time of Greensburg Central Catholic’s founding, six religious orders provided most of the faculty. The Sisters_of_St._Benedict were responsible for teaching languages; the Sisters_of_Charity, science and music; the Felician_Sisters, mathematics; the Sisters_of_Mercy, English; the Sisters_of_St._Joseph, social studies; and the Vincentian_Sisters_of_Charity, business. Lay teachers handled physical education. In 1962, Bishop William G. Connare proposed the building of a faculty house for all six groups of religious, featuring a wing for each community with a common chapel (the Chapel of the Immaculate Heart of Mary), dining room, and community room. The first Mass was offered in this chapel on August_31, 1963. These religious communities served Greensburg Central Catholic for years, and many alumni remember them fondly. The Sisters of Charity are the only remaining order at Central. The original curriculum of the school was primarily academic, but a general course and a business course were soon added. Father Shuda, the school's third principal, urged the construction of an addition to the school, also designed by Francis O’Connor Church. The Fathers’ Club and Mothers’ Club (now replaced by one group, the Parents’ Club) helped with furnishings and installation. Over the years, Greensburg Central Catholic has constantly updated and improved its curriculum and facilities to better serve its students and the community. It currently offers a diverse curriculum including Advanced_Placement and college credit courses as well as business and general study courses. A stadium was built in 1989 and lights were installed in 1998 for night football and soccer games. == Principals == * Father Harry Hynes (1959-1960) * Father William Sheridan (1960-1963) * Father Robert Shuda (1963-1964) * Father Lawrence Hoppe (1964-1969) * Mr. Frank Reno (1969-1979) * Sister Patrice Hughes, S.C. (1979-1982) * Sister Donna Marie Leiden, S.C. (1982-1988) * James Farrell (1988-1992) * Sister Kay Palas, S.C. (1991-1992) * Brother Lawrence Monroe, F.S.C. (1992-1994) * Sister Brigid Marie Grandey, S.C. (1994-2002) * Terence Meehan (2002-2006) {{Pennsylvania-school-stub}} Category:High_schools_in_Pennsylvania Category:Roman_Catholic_secondary_schools Category:Educational_institutions_established_in_1959