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news and press

  • GCC and Greenfield High School team up

    This fall, Greenfield High School student Brianna Grover, 17, will be attending classes, doing homework and interacting with her classmates just like her peers in the rest of the senior class, but with one big difference. Grover will be doing all that at Greenfield Community College.... Read more »

  • Parent network to begin at GCC

    Many students at Greenfield Community College face challenges that most average students at four-year colleges aren’t as likely to face. Some work full-time jobs, others have been out of school for a while and haven’t been in the practice of studying and attending classes. Others have families they are taking care of and some are even single parents.... Read more »

  • New book by GCC professor helps students learn grammar

    Carolyn McLellan has been helping students at Greenfield Community College get up to speed in their English skills since she started working there in 1972. When she was first hired, she was taught a special way to teach grammar and through the years she adapted the method to her own style for her students.... Read more »

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