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Northern Essex Community College

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Northern Essex Community College (also known as NECC or Necco) is a community college with campuses in Haverhill and Lawrence, Massachusetts. In 2004, it had a total enrollment of over 6,000 students. Many Northern Essex students go on to pursue Bachelor's degrees at regional four-year institutions.

  • NECC also has a number of grant-funded non-academic programs, including English as a Second Language (ESL) classes funded in part by the Massachusetts Department of Education.
  • NECC is home to Parnassus, the award-winning literary arts magazine. Parnassus is a student-run and published literary magazine that is published yearly and which features student work in the form of fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, art, and photography. Most recently, Parnassus was the winner of the CCHA's 2008 award of second place in the Eastern Division [1], as well as the winner of the ASPA's 2008 first place with merit for literary magazines, along with best gallery awards [2]. See link below for more information about Parnassus.

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