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Featured content represents the best that Wikipedia has to offer. These are the articles, pictures, and other contributions that showcase the polished result of the collaborative efforts that drive Wikipedia. All featured content undergoes a thorough review process to ensure that it meets the highest standards and can serve as an example of our end goals. A small bronze star (The featured content star) in the top right corner of a page indicates that the content is featured. This page gives links to all of Wikipedia's featured content and showcases one randomly selected example of each type of content. You can view another random content selection.

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Featured article: August 19, 2006

Roman Vishniac, c. 1981
Roman Vishniac was a renowned Russian-American photographer, best known for capturing on film the culture of Jews in Eastern Europe before the Holocaust. He was, however, an extremely diverse photographer, an accomplished biologist and a knowledgeable student and teacher of art history. Throughout his life, he made significant scientific contributions to the fields of photomicroscopy and time-lapse photography. He later became a teacher and collector of historic art and artifacts. Vishniac was very interested in history, especially that of his ancestors. In turn, he was strongly tied to his Jewish roots and was a Zionist later in life. Roman Vishniac won international acclaim for his photography: his pictures from the shtetlach and Jewish ghettos, celebrity portraits, and images of microscopic biology. He is known for his book A Vanished World, published in 1947, which was one of the first such pictorial documentations of Jewish culture in Eastern Europe from that period. He is known also for his extreme humanism and respect and awe for life, sentiments that can be seen in all aspects of his work. (more...)

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Portal:Criminal justiceCriminal justice
Criminal justice

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Maple Leaf Rag, by Scott Joplin. Performed by User:Apatterno (file info)

Featured picture: February 18, 2007

Erg Chebbi

Erg Chebbi, the sole Saharan erg in Morocco. An erg is a large, relatively flat area of desert covered with wind-swept sand with little to no vegetation cover. Approximately 85% of all the Earth's mobile sand is found in ergs that are larger than 32,000 km². Individual dunes in ergs typically have widths, lengths, or both dimensions greater than 500 m.

Ergs can be found where an atmosphere capable of significant wind erosion acts on the surface for a significant period of time, creating sand and allowing it to accumulate. Today at least three bodies, apart from Earth, are known in the solar system to feature ergs on their surface: Venus, Mars and Titan.

Photo credit: Rosa Cabecinhas and Alcino Cunha
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Featured list: List of circulating currencies

This list of circulating currencies contains the 182 current official or de facto currencies of the 192 United Nations member states, one UN observer state, nine partially recognized states, one unrecognized state, and 36 dependencies. Only dependencies and unrecognized countries that use a currency other than that of the sovereign state that administers them or has de jure jurisdiction over them are listed here. Currencies used in places of extraterritoriality like the United Nations or the Sovereign Military Order of Malta and scrips used by private entities like the Disney dollar and the ora are not under the purview of this list.

A currency is a unit of exchange and hence a kind of money and medium of exchange. Currency includes paper or polymer banknotes and metal coins. Countries generally have a monopoly on the issuing of currency, although some countries share currencies with other countries. Today, currencies are the dominant means of exchange. Different countries may use the same term to refer to their respective currencies, even though the currencies may have little else to do with each other. A place that is technically part of another country sometimes uses a different currency from that of the parent country.

List of circulating currencies by country

Country or territory[1] Currency[2] Sign[3] ISO code[2] Fractional unit Number to basic
 Abkhazia None None None Apsar[A] None
Russian ruble р. RUB Kopek 100
 Afghanistan Afghan afghani ؋ AFN Pul 100
 Akrotiri and Dhekelia Euro EUR Cent 100
 Albania Albanian lek L ALL Qindarkë 100
 Alderney Alderney pound[A] £ None Penny 100
British pound[C] £ GBP Penny 100
Guernsey pound £ None Penny 100

Featured topic: Jupiter

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