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Imagine a world in which every single human being can freely share in the sum of all knowledge. That's our commitment.
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The Wikimedia Foundation relies heavily on the generous support from our users. Please consider making a donation today, be it time or money. The benefactors page is dedicated to some of the companies and individuals helping to sustain the Wikimedia projects. The Wikimedia Foundation does not necessarily endorse the activities of its Corporate Benefactors.

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Wikimedia's content is written by volunteers. Wikimedia Foundation staff work in technical operations, software development, global community programs, finance/administration and fundraising.



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The Wikimedia Foundation is proud to be one of the most transparent non-profit organizations in the world. For updates about our program activities and our Annual Report, see the other links on this page. Additionally, we provide the following information:

Wikimedia Foundation staff regularly participate in open office hours on IRC (an online chat system). Our fundraising work is public and community-driven as well. If you'd like to jump right in, visit the community fundraising landing page.

2008/2009 Annual Report

2008/2009 Annual Report
Read the 2008/2009
Wikimedia Foundation
Annual Report

Latest reports

Latest press releases

Wikimedia Foundation announces changes to Board of Trustees
Today, at the sixth annual Wikimania Conference, the Wikimedia Foundation announced important changes to the Board of Trustees. Read more (9 July 2010)

Zack Exley and Barry Newstead join the Wikimedia Foundation executive management team
Barry Newstead will join as Chief Global Development Officer (CGDO), and Zack Exley will join as Chief Community Officer (CCO). Both are new positions, hired to fill out Wikimedia's senior team as it prepares to launch its new strategy, which calls for growing readership and new editors, particularly in the Global South. Read more (10 June 2010)

Wikimedia Foundation will engage academic experts and students to improve public policy information on Wikipedia
A new project designed to improve the quality of public policy-related articles on Wikipedia has been announced. It is the first time the Wikimedia Foundation has launched a project designed to systematically increase the quality of articles in a particular topic area. Read more (11 May 2010)

Wikimedia Foundation Appoints Jing Wang and Mimi Ito to its Advisory Board
The Wikimedia Foundation appointed two new members to its Advisory Board: Mimi Ito and Jing Wang. Mimi Ito is a cultural anthropologist with a focus on new media use among young people. Jing Wang is an author and professor of Chinese cultural studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and is the chair of the International Advisory Board of Creative Commons China Mainland. Read more (11 May 2010)

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Privacy policy: If you browse the Wikimedia project websites, we gather no more information than is typically collected in server logs. If you contribute to the Wikimedia projects, you are publishing every word you post publicly. You should assume that anything you write will be retained forever. This includes articles, user pages, talk pages and other pages on the websites. See the official policy for full details.
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