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Good Counsel College, Innisfail

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Good Counsel College (disambiguation)

Good Counsel College
One Spirit In Christ
Innisfail, Queensland, Australia
Coordinates 17°31′15.5″S 146°01′41.67″E / 17.520972°S 146.0282417°E / -17.520972; 146.0282417Coordinates: 17°31′15.5″S 146°01′41.67″E / 17.520972°S 146.0282417°E / -17.520972; 146.0282417
Type Catholic
Established 1975
Principal Jeff Schneider
Enrolment ~624 (2006)
Campus Innisfail central
Colour(s) Grey and Navy Blue

Good Counsel College (GCC) is a catholic co-educational secondary school located in Innisfail, Queensland, Australia. It is a parish school maintained by the parish of Innisfail and South Johnston / Mourilyan that also serves Innisfail's outlying regional areas, generally extending north to Babinda, south to Tully and Mission Beach and inland to Millaa Millaa. [1]


[edit] Significance of 'Good Counsel'

His mother said to the servants: 'Do whatever he (Jesus) tells you.' John 2:5[2][3]

The school envisions that this advice be acted upon by members of the school community.

It should be noted however that the school contains and accepts students and teachers from a substantially diverse range of religious and socio-economic backgrounds.[4]

[edit] History

Good Counsel College was established in 1975 as a result of the fusion of two separate single sex education institutes: The Sacred Heart Girls School conducted by the Sisters of the Good Samaritan and the Marist Brothers' Boys' School. Initially the school was organized catering only to students in years 8 to 10. However under guidance from the schools first principal Mr. Peter Albion the school was quickly established as an academic institute offering a full secondary education.

In recent years the school has undergone significant expansion both in terms of enrolments and infrastructure, having trebled the number of enrolments since its inception in 1975.[1]

[edit] Uniform

[edit] Day Uniform

The day uniform is worn by students everyday except Thursday.

Male (Grade 8 - 10) Female (Grade 8 - 10) Senior Male Senior Female
Gray with navy pinstriped buttoned shirt, navy shorts, navy knee high socks, black leather shoes, official school hat White blouse with small blue tie, light blue skirt, subtle white socks, black leather shoes, official school hat As junior uniform, with solid blue shirt As junior uniform, with larger navy tie and navy skirt

[edit] Sports Uniform

The sports uniform is the same for all students and is always worn on a Thursday. It consists of a Blue, Yellow and Navy sports polo, Good Counsel branded sports shorts and socks, with students own trainers (clean and in good condition) and the official school hat.

[edit] Formal Uniform

The formal uniform is generally reserved for school captains and vice captains when representing the school on formal occasions.[5]

Male Female
Official navy jacket with navy tie, navy pants, black leather shoes, official school hat Official navy jacket with navy tie, navy skirt with stockings, black leather shoes, official school hat

[edit] School Spirit

The relatively small size and the focus on the school as a 'community' as pioneered by staff has established a notable sense of togetherness in the school. This is fostered by many whole school events such as:

Good Counsel College Anzac march on a typically wet Innisfail day. The formal uniform is worn by the school vice-captains at the forefront.

There are also a large number of other events that are optional but attended by a significant portion the student body:

The events are generally looked forward to by students and act to establish relationships between students across year levels and with teachers whom students may not be in regular contact with.[6]

[edit] Sport

The school holds sport in high regard in the curriculum and offers students substantial sporting programs, facilities and equipment. Good Counsel College is widely represented by a number of teams in various sports. Subsidies are also granted to allow teams and individuals to attend regional, state and national events should they show excellence in their respective sporting field.

The entirety of the student body is actively encouraged to participate in sports carnivals and in some cases, actually required to partake in the Cross Country unless extenuating circumstances exist.

In recent years, Good Counsel College has established itself as a formidable presence in the Interschool Athletics Carnival against the neighboring state schools. 2004 saw Good Counsel win the event for the first time in history, a feat that was again repeated in 2005. 2006 however saw the title return to Innisfail State High School.[7]

[edit] House system

'Polding Prisoners' at the 2004 Athletics Carnival.

As is common in Australian secondary schools, students at Good Counsel College are grouped into 4 separate houses. These houses are usually important during interhouse sporting carnivals but are also commonly used to group students at assemblies and especially during mass transport to event destinations. Each house has an elected male and female captain, whom are responsible for aspects of school carnival preparation.

At Good Counsel College it is seen as tradition for members of the same family to be in the same house.

The 4 houses are based on prominent Catholic figureheads.[8]

[edit] Clancy (Green)

Named after Fr Michael Clancy who was the longest serving priest in Innisfail's early history (1895–1931). Fr. Clancy was an integral part of Innisfail's early development especially with respect to the Catholic Church's presence.

In recent times Clancy has proven to be the runner up, this is due to decreased participation.

[edit] Marcellin (Red)

Named after the Blessed Marcellin Champagnat founded the Marist Brothers. The Marist Brothers were an organization dedicated to the Christian Education of youth.

[edit] MacKillop (Purple)

Originating from the Blessed Mary MacKillop, a prominent religious figure in Australian history and founder of the Sisters of Saint Joseph: an order of nuns dedicated to educating the poor and disadvantaged in Australian society.

[edit] Polding (Blue)

Named after Bishop Bede Polding, the first bishop of New South Wales, who arrived in Sydney in 1835. He was responsible for the creation of the Sisters of the Good Samaritan, who in turn were responsible for the Catholic female education in early Innisfail.

In recent times Polding has made a concerted effort to achieve a victory. This could be due to increased enthusiasm, participation and sporting ability.

[edit] Past School Captains

Year Male Captain Female Captain Male Vice Captain Female Vice Captain
2008 Gary Yang Amy Thomson Enosh Neville Bridgette Carr
2007 Christopher Coco Jessica Beavon Damien Payard Renee Kubala
2006 Jesse Parisi Zoe Bartolo Reece Hinchy Jessica Vick
2005 Wayne Norris Stephanie Lizzio Tyrone Malcomson Jennifer Carr
2004 Hayden Malcomson Jill Raleigh Daniel Massa Emma Romano

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