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Featured content represents the best that Wikipedia has to offer. These are the articles, pictures, and other contributions that showcase the polished result of the collaborative efforts that drive Wikipedia. All featured content undergoes a thorough review process to ensure that it meets the highest standards and can serve as an example of our end goals. A small bronze star (The featured content star) in the top right corner of a page indicates that the content is featured. This page gives links to all of Wikipedia's featured content and showcases one randomly selected example of each type of content. You can view another random content selection.

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Featured article: June 16, 2009

William D. Boyce

William D. Boyce (1858–1929) was an American newspaper man, entrepreneur, magazine publisher, and explorer. He was the founder of the Boy Scouts of America and the short-lived Lone Scouts of America. Born in Plum Township, Pennsylvania and an astute businessman, Boyce successfully established several newspapers. He moved to Chicago to pursue his entrepreneurial ambitions. There he established the Mutual Newspaper Publishing Company and the weekly Saturday Blade. With his novel employment of newsboys to boost newspaper sales, Boyce's namesake publishing company maintained a circulation of 500,000 copies per week by 1894. By the early years of the 20th century, Boyce had become a multi-millionaire and had taken a step back from his businesses to pursue his interests in civic affairs, devoting more time to traveling and participating in expeditions. In 1909, he embarked on a two-month trip to Europe and a large photographic expedition to Africa with photographer George R. Lawrence and cartoonist John T. McCutcheon. Boyce learned about Scouting while passing through London, England during his first expedition to Africa in 1909. From its start, Boyce focused the Scouting program on teaching self-reliance, citizenship, resourcefulness, patriotism, obedience, cheerfulness, courage, and courtesy in order "to make men". (more...)

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Complete speech by Ronald Reagan at the Brandenburg Gate, June 12, 1987. (file info)

Featured picture: April 19, 2009

Fire breathing

A fire breather in the "Jaipur Maharaja Brass Band" of India. Fire breathing, which is said to have originated in India, is the act of creating a large flame by spraying, with one's mouth, a flammable liquid upon an open flame. A number of legendary creatures are said to possess innate capabilities for fire breathing, most notably dragons.

Photo credit: Luc Viatour

Featured list: The Oz books

The Oz books form a book series that begins with The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (1900), and that relates the fictional history of the Land of Oz. Oz was created by author L. Frank Baum, who went on to write fourteen full-length Oz books. Even while he was alive, Baum was styled as "the Royal Historian of Oz" to emphasize the concept that Oz is an actual place. The illusion created was that characters such as Dorothy and Princess Ozma relayed their adventures in Oz to Mr. Baum themselves, by means of wireless.

List of "canonical" Oz books (by L. Frank Baum)


The Original and Official Oz Books by L. Frank Baum
Cover Order Title Illustrator Year Publisher
Wizard title page.jpg 1 The Wonderful Wizard of Oz W. W. Denslow 1900 George M. Hill
Dorothy and her little dog, Toto, get swept into the Land of Oz by a cyclone. She meets a living Scarecrow, a man made entirely of tin, and a Cowardly Lion while trying to get to the Emerald City to see the great Wizard. Also reprinted by various publishers under the names The New Wizard of Oz and The Wizard of Oz with occasional minor changes in the text.
Marvelous land of oz.jpg 2 The Marvelous Land of Oz John R. Neill 1904 Reilly & Britton
A little boy, Tip, escapes from his evil guardian, the witch Mombi, with the help of a walking wooden figure with a jack-o'-lantern head named Jack Pumpkinhead (brought to life with the magic Powder of Life Tip stole from Mombi), as well as a living Sawhorse (created from the same powder). Tip ends up on an adventure with the Scarecrow and Tin Woodman.

Featured topic: 1941 Atlantic hurricane season

3 articles
Featured article 1941 Atlantic hurricane season
1941 Atlantic hurricane season map.png
Good article 1941 Texas hurricane
Featured article 1941 Florida hurricane

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