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Commons-logo.svg There are various tools available for quickly uploading pictures from Flickr at Commons:Flickr_files#Uploading_images.
The Wikimedia Commons is a collection of freely licensed images shared by all Wikimedia projects. When you upload an image to Commons, it will automatically be available here under the same filename.
Uploading a work found on Flickr
This guidance only applies to uploading a work found on Flickr created by someone else (not you).

In any image page in Flickr there is "License" section on the right hand side of the page. This section contains the copyright information which is important for you.

Flickr images have 7 different license options. There is also a public domain collection, Flickr: The Commons, uploaded by participating organizations. 2 of the 6 Creative Commons (CC) licensing options are OK here:

Flickr image info License OK here? Relicense Name
Copyright.svg All rights reserved Copyrighted Stop hand nuvola.svg NOT OK All rights reserved
Cc-by new white.svgCc-nc white.svgCc-nd white.svg Some rights reserved CC-BY-NC-ND Stop hand nuvola.svg NOT OK Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs
Cc-by new white.svgCc-nc white.svgCc-sa white.svg Some rights reserved CC-BY-NC-SA Stop hand nuvola.svg NOT OK Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike
Cc-by new white.svgCc-nc white.svg Some rights reserved CC-BY-NC Stop hand nuvola.svg NOT OK Attribution-NonCommercial
Cc-by new white.svgCc-nd white.svg Some rights reserved CC-BY-ND Stop hand nuvola.svg NOT OK Attribution-NoDerivs
Cc-by new white.svg Some rights reserved CC-BY Green check.png OK Attribution
Cc-by new white.svgCc-sa white.svg Some rights reserved CC-BY-SA Green check.png OK Attribution-ShareAlike
Cc-public domain mark white.svg Public domain Public Domain Mark Purple question mark.svg Generally no (more info) Public Domain Work
Cc-zero white.svg Public domain CC0 Green check.png OK Public Domain Dedication (CC0)
No rights reserved Public Domain Green check.png OK NA (retired by Creative Commons)
Small-dark-grey-circle.svg United States government work Public Domain Green check.png OK NA
Small-dark-green-circle.svg No known copyright restrictions Unclear Purple question mark.svg Possibly NA
Cc-by new white.svg BY means the image license requires attribution, as in an image is "BY" a certain person.
Cc-sa white.svg SA is for "Share Alike".
Cc-nc white.svg NC is for non-commercial use only and is NOT OK.
Cc-nd white.svg ND is no derivative works and is NOT OK.
If the image is not OK, consider asking the author to release their work under a free license such as CC-BY (Creative Commons Attribution license), or CC-BY-SA (Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike). See also Commons:OTRS.
Flickr can search its images by license. Click the "see more" links for each license. See the advanced search also. The Creative Commons search options are at the bottom.

You may wish to read the Wikimedia Commons' guide to help check if the images you are uploading are permitted. Here is a list and table of old and new versions of Creative Commons licenses that are accepted at the Wikimedia Commons.

Note: For questions or comments about this upload page please go to its talk page.

Upload at Commons (recommended)

Upload locally (not recommended)